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Inner Cosmos Unveils “Digital Pill for Depression” at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

Event Showcased the Evolution of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Technology and Allowed Investors a First Look at the Digital Pill and Prescription Pod Hardware

Press Release January 15, 2023

Inner Cosmos Raises $10 Million To Treat Depression With BCI Implant

Inner Cosmos, a new neurotechnology company founded by serial entrepreneur Meron Gribetz, today presented its first neural implant to treat depression.

Article September 23, 2022

Brain Technology Startup Puts Electrodes In Patient’s Skull To Treat Depression

Inner Cosmos is one of a growing number of companies working on medical devices that use implanted electrodes to interact with the human brain.

Article September 23, 2022

Bloomberg Businessweek Radio Interview

Inner Cosmos Founder and CEO Meron Gribetz sits down with Bloomberg Businessweek’s Carol Massar Bloomberg Quicktake’s Tim Stenovec.

Interview April 6, 2022

Inner Cosmos Makes Brain-Computer Interface To Rival Elon Musk’s Neuralink

Inner Cosmos expects to begin human trials later this year.

Article March 30, 2022

Inner Cosmos Announces $10M Seed Round

Neurotechnology company is creating the first neuromedicine “Digital Pill” with a focus to alleviate cognitive disorders, starting with depression

Press Release March 30, 2022

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